Voiceover / 20s-30s

Lowell Byers

Commercial and Theater Reel:

Brenna D’Amico

Voiceover Reel: Brenna Damico – brenna d’amico voice over reel

Marisa Echeverria

Demo Reel: Singing Sample: https://vimeo.com/327209169

Chad Gabriel

On Camera Reel:

Peter Giles

Demo: Hulu Film Reel:

Sylvia Kwan

Acting Reel:

Joi Liaye

Always Commercial VO: Bombay Commercial VO: Caress Commercial: Dark and Lovely Commercial: Discovery Kids VO: OWN Network Promo: Singing Video:

Rudy Martinez

Comedy Reel: Drama Reel: Puppeteering Highlight: Press Interviews:

Hayley McLaughlin

2021 Reel: The Librarians Reel: Reading Excerpt Clip:

Brennan Murray

Comedic Reel: Animated Show Voiceover: Captain Underpants Show Voiceover: You’re the Worst Reel: Breaking Bad: Video Game High School:

Maria Pendolina

Theatrical Reel: Commercial Reel: TV Narration Reel: Broadway Singing Reel:

Sheridan Pierce

Character Audition Reel: Sketch Clip with Accent:

Lisa Schwartz

Acting Reel: Hosting Reel:

Christian Wolf

Acting Reel: Musical Reel: