Anthony Michael Martinez

Acting In Spiritual Principle

PRICE: $50 (Performer - Limited to 4) | $30 (Audit)
DATE: February 9 | 7:00 pm ET


DESCRIPTION: 90 minute workshop: Acting is radiating the space around you with your inner truth. We will examine how this works through spiritual principle: an inside /out technique! Following a short meditation and introduction to the principles, students partake in a brief group activity and warmup. Participants then present a monologue and receive constructive feedback. Students will explore creating a character and pave the way to act with confidence, compassion, and inspiration! The course concludes with a reflection on the day’s work. •PRINCIPLES • My thoughts Create My Reality • Acting is a Calling, not a Job • Give All & Receive All. • TECHNIQUE • Text- Explore the structure of speech & bring the nuances of language to life • Voice- Discover your full vocal range & free tension while speaking • Character- Activate the role through movement & energy dynamics •GOALS • Unlock your creativity and imagination in performance. • Discover your authentic voice through the text. • Embody the character inside & out. • Learn to follow your instincts and act from your truth.

BIO: Anthony Michael Martinez is a NYC actor, theatre artist, and acting teacher with off- Broadway, regional, and international credits! He holds a Masters in Classical Acting from Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting. He is a resident teaching artist with Red Bull Theater, Classic Stage Company, and New York Theatre Workshop.

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