Amanda Quaid

Amanda Quaid

Accent Workshop: Standard British

PRICE: Pay What You Want
DATE: October 5 | 7:00 pm ET


DESCRIPTION: Standard British is one of the most frequently-requested accents for actors, yet one that many find intimidating. Step by step, we break it down, addressing its placement, signature sounds and intonation. We also cover tips for rehearsing and performing in it with confidence. Each participant will receive a packet of sample words and sentences, with audio accompaniment, for continued practice at home.

BIO: Amanda Quaid has taught speech and dialects in NYC for over 15 years and has been featured as an accent expert on WNYC. She is on the faculty of the New School, Freeman Studio, and HB Studio. Her book, American Accent Drills for British and Australian Speakers, was published by Routledge this spring.

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