Demi Tebow + Madison Prewett

Sister Sister Live: Virtual Confidence Workshop

PRICE: $10 / $75 (VIP M&G)
DATE: February 3 | 8:00 pm ET


DESCRIPTION: “How can we live faithfully in an uncertain world?” If you’ve asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Friends Demi Tebow and Madi Prewett keep faith at the heart of their very public, personal lives. Now, they’re inviting you to join them for a private, candid conversation on all things confidence and conviction. Sister, Sister Live: Interactive Confidence Workshop is your chance to personally interact with Madi and Demi like never before. In this exclusive, live event, they’ll share practical advice on becoming your most confident self. This unique setting creates a confidential space to explore topics like body image, social pressures, family, and faith with like-minded women. Join them as they answer your questions, lead guided activities, share their personal stories, and more.


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