Faiza Rammuny

Virtual Meetup: The Discomfort Zone

PRICE: $25
DATE: May 2 | 2:00 pm ET


DESCRIPTION: From prayer rugs to nightclubs. Hijabs to miniskirts, Faiza will take you into the secret life of being a woman in the MusRab world. Many only scratch the surface of the strict lifestyle, but during this interactive meetup, Faiza will go deep, uncovering the uncomfortable layers with the hope of getting YOU right, THEM right, and IT right. The It of course is love and that love starts with YOU. During this weekly 90-minute meetup Faiza will answer your questions with hard truths about self-love, dating, relationships, family, and more. Faiza wants to make you feel good, think deep, and get moving towards a FABULOUS you!

BIO: Faiza Rammuny is the first global Muslim/Arab relationship advisor and lifecoach. With over thirteen years of experience, Faiza has amassed over a million followers across social media, using comedy to approach a plethora of taboo subjects within the Muslim/Arab world that encourage self expression, individuality, and identity. Sharing plenty of unconventional strategies not only through not only her own experiences, but the experiences of countless clients from different walks of life, faith, and sexual orientation- Faiza makes diving into the unknown fun and most importantly- FUNNY! Whether the conversation is heartbreak, how to sneak out of the house without being caught, or staging your virginity- Faiza has you covered. Anything YOU need to help you find and be your true self amongst the rubble of family, expectations, and society.

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