HACKS w/ Chad Nicefield

Songwriting Workshop: Sammy Boller

PRICE: Pay What You Want
DATE: August 25 | 7:00 pm ET


DESCRIPTION: Join this live workshop presentation with HACKS Chad Nicefield & his guest Sammy Boller, the guitar virtuoso and songwritter responsible for songs from bands like Sammy Boller & Citizen Zero! This week I dive into his process of his guitar playing and writing on his song "Cloak Of Light"

BIO: HACKS takes the fan on a LIVE virtual ride alongside the creative mind(s) of the music & art you love. Whether you're a fan of song or the songwriter themselves, HACKS will give you an unparalleled look behind the scenes traditionally held under lock & key. From the initial spark of creativity all the way through the guts of it all, Chad Nicefield and his guests provide a deep look inside of the raw materials used to create the art as we walk the fan through how it became what the world knows it as today. The proceeds raised from HACKS will be donated to a platform(s), chosen by the artist weekly, established to help the artists crew members, the venues and the venues staff who have faced serious hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Help us keep those we all count on to be able to enjoy the art we love, get the assistance they so desperately need by asking "How Did You Make That?"

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