Josephine Kearns

Trans-Inclusive Casting

PRICE: Pay What You Want ($30-$70)
DATE: December 2 | 7:00pm ET


DESCRIPTION: For transgender and non-binary actors, the casting process is full of potential land mines. And many casting directors continue to make the same mistakes. From writing character descriptions, to deciding who to call in, to navigating pronouns, to setting up the room - not to mention dance calls and casting of trans roles - there is much to consider. Gender Consultant Josephine Kearns will guide casting directors through the process in a way that ensures actors feel welcome, while also getting you the information you need and staying within legal boundaries.

BIO: Josephine Kearns (she/her) is a gender consultant, dramaturg, and educator who specializes in queer, transgender, and intersex identities. She has worked in theatres across the US and Canada as a pioneer in the field of gender consulting, supporting every aspect of productions from script and casting to marketing and production. Her experience spans fifteen years in professional theatre, staff positions at multiple trans-supporting organizations, and over 150 gender inclusivity trainings for schools, hospitals, government institutions, and arts organizations.

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