Voiceover / Male

Hunt Block

Commercial Demo Narration Demo

Ralph Buckley

Commercial Demo Promo Demo

Lowell Byers

Commercial and Theater Reel:

Curtis Chase

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Adam Faison

Drama Reel: Comedy Reel: Singing Reel:

Chad Gabriel

On Camera Reel:

Peter Giles

Demo: Hulu Film Reel:

Alex Hooper

America’s Got Talent: Stand Up:

Rudy Martinez

Comedy Reel: Drama Reel: Puppeteering Highlight: Press Interviews:

Brennan Murray

Comedic Reel: Animated Show Voiceover: Captain Underpants Show Voiceover: You’re the Worst Reel: Breaking Bad: Video Game High School:

Anthony Skordi

Demo Reel: Demo Reel:

Mark Steger

Actor Reel: Movement Reel: Recent Acting Clips: https://vimeo.com/482739652

Lee Tergeson

Demo Reel  

Christian Wolf

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