Brennan Murray

Gender: Male

Vocal Age Range: 5-16,17-25, 25-35

Vocal Range: Tenor

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA

Home Studio Capabilities: Source Connect, Zoom

Children Voices: Yes, Male

Languages: American Sign Language, English

Other Skills: Broadway, Characters, Clowning, Comedy, Creature, Improv, Monster, Puppeteering

Vocal Textures: Light, Mid

Accents: American, American Southern/Southern, European, New York

Special Voice Skills: Burp and sneeze on cue, Kid voices, Deep-High Voices, Monster sounds

Voice Matches: Fran Drescher, ET, Andy Dick, Harvey Fierstein, Chuckie Finster


Comedic Reel:

Animated Show Voiceover:

Captain Underpants Show Voiceover:

You’re the Worst Reel:

Breaking Bad:

Video Game High School: