Dave Pettitt

Gender: Male

Vocal Age Range: 35-45, 45-55, 55+

Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor, Baritone, Tenor, Bass

Home Base: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Home Studio Capabilities: Source Connect, Skype, Zoom, ISDN

Children Voices: No

Languages: None of the above

Other Skills: Acapella, Auctioneer, Broadcaster, Broadway, Characters, Comedy, Creature, Improv, Monster, Pop, Sing, Spoken Word, Sports Announcer, Whistling

Vocal Textures: Clear, Light, Mid, Heavy

Accents: American, American Southern/Southern, British, Canadian, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Trans Atlantic

Voice Matches: Hal Douglas, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Mike Rowe and Sam Elliot